The Imixs RestClient

The Imixs-RestClient is a helper class to establish connections to the Imixs Rest API.

The RestClient provides the following GET and POST methods:

Method Description
get(url) GET METHOD
setCredentials(userid,password) set credentials (username, password)
getContent() get last response content
postEntity(url, XMLItemCollection) POST MEHTHOD for one document
postCollection(url, DocumentCollection) POST MEHTHOD for a document collection
getDocument(url) GET METHOD to read one document
getDocumentCollection(url) GET METHOD to read a document collection

This is a simple example how to request the tasklist of a user:

// create RestClient ....
    RestClient restClient = new RestClient();
    try {
       restClient.setRequestProperty("Accept", MediaType.APPLICATION_XML);
       String xmlResult = restClient.getContent();
       JAXBContext context = JAXBContext.newInstance(DocumentCollection.class);
       Unmarshaller u = context.createUnmarshaller();
       StringReader reader = new StringReader(xmlResult);
       DocumentCollection xmlDocuments = (DocumentCollection) u.unmarshal(reader);
       List<ItemCollection> documents = XMLItemCollectionAdapter.getCollection(xmlDocuments);"Read " + documents.size() + " documents");
    } catch (Exception e) {
       // TODO Auto-generated catch block


The Imixs-RestClient also upports BASIC authentication. In this case the principal and credentials can be set.

RestClient restClient = new RestClient();


The RestClient provides methods to add or read Cookies from a given URI location:

Method Description
getCookies() Returns all cookies set during the last request
setCookies(CookieManager cookieManager) Set the cookies to be used for the next request
readCookies(HttpURLConnection connection) reads cookies form a http connection
addCookies(HttpURLConnection connection) adds all cookies from the CookieManager into a http connection