The AdminP Service

The resource /adminp provides methods to create administrative jobs. Jobs can be monitored with the Imixs-Admin Client.

GET Jobs

The GET method is used to read all running ore completed jobs:

URI Method Description
/jobs GET returns all jobs from the AdminP interface.

POST/PUT a new job

The methods PUT or POST allow to create a new job:

URI Method Description
/ POST, PUT posts a new job to be processed by the AdminPServcie. The post data is expected in xml format

The following curl example shows how to create a new job to update the Lucene fulltextindex.

curl --user admin:adminpassword -H "Content-Type: text/xml" -d \
  '<document xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="	XMLSchema"> \
   <item name="type"><value xsi:type="xs:string">adminp</value></item> \
   <item name="job"><value xsi:type="xs:string">JOB_REBUILD_INDEX</value></item> \
   <item name="numblocksize"><value xsi:type="xs:int">1000</value></item> \
   <item name="numindex"><value xsi:type="xs:int">0</value></item> \
   <item name="numinterval"><value xsi:type="xs:int">1</value></item> \
</document>' \

In case the job is not createable the attribute ‘$error_code’ will be returned in the response.

DELETE a Document

The methods DELETE allow to remove a running or completed job:

URI Method Description
/{uniqueid} DELETE updates ore deletes a document