The Document Service

The resource /documents provides methods to read, create and modify documents.

Imixs-Workflow controls the access for each document by individual access list. The result of a GET request will return only documents which are not read protected or the current user has sufficient read access. A POST/PUT request will be rejected if the current user has insufficient write access. See the section ACL for details.

GET Document

The GET method can be used to read a single document resource by its UniqueID:

URI Method Description
/{uniqueid} GET returns a single document resource defined by its $uniqueid



GET Document Collection

The sub-resource /search/ can be used to search for a set of documents using the search index:

URI Method Description
/search/{query} GET Returns a result set of documents by a lucene search query



Resource Options

With the following optional URI parameters the GET request can be filtered and sorted:

option description example
pageSize number of documents returned ..?pagesize=10
pageIndex page index to start ..?pageindex=5&pagesize=10
sortBy sort item ..&sortBy=txtworkflowstatus
sortReverse sort direction (ascending/descending) ..&sourtReverse=true
items filter item values to be returned ..&items=$taskid,$modellversion
format optional output format JSON/XML ..&format=json or &format=xml



See details about the search in the section Search Index.

Count documents

With the sub-resouces ‘/count/’ and ‘/countpages/’ the result size can be requested:

URI Method Description
/count/{query} GET the total hits of lucene search query
/countpages/{query}?pagesize= GET the total pages of lucene search query for a given page size

GET Documents by Java Persistence Query Language

Optional the resource /documents provides the sub-resource /jpql to select a set of documents using the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL). JPQL can be used to select documents independent from the existence of the Lucene search index.

URI Method Description
/jpql/{query} GET Returns a result set of documents by a JQPL statement


/api/documents/jpql/SELECT document FROM Document AS document WHERE document.type='workitem'

See the Document Service for details.


The methods POST, PUT and DELETE allow to create, modify and delete a document:

URI Method Description
/ POST posts a new document to be stored by the DocumentService. The post data can be x-www-form-urlencoded or in xml format
/{uniqueid} PUT updates a document. The post data can be x-www-form-urlencoded or in xml format
/{uniqueid} DELETE deletes a document

Administrative resource URIs

The Document Rest Service provides resource URIs for administrative purpose. To access these resources, the caller must at least be in role “org.imixs.ACCESSLEVEL.MANAGERACCESS”. These administrative URIs should not be used in general business logic.

METHOD URI Description
PUT /backup/{query} creates a backup of the result set form a query. The entity list will be stored into the file system. The backup can be restored by calling the restore method
GET /restore restore a backup from the filesystem
GET /configuration Returns the configuration details of the lucene index writer.

Error Codes

The Imixs workflow rest API may send an HTTP error code if a request could not be processed for various reasons:

HTTP Error Code Method Description
404 (Not Found) GET/PUT/POST/DELTE The requested document was not found or is read protected. See also the section security model.
406 (Not Acceptable) PUT/POST The data in the request was incomplete or could not be processed.

In case of a PUT/POST request a HTTP Error Code 406 may also includes a response object with a detailed error message and an error code. The error code is stored in the item ‘$error_code’. An error message is stored in the item ‘$error_message’,