The Imixs-BPMN Modeler - User Guide

Imixs-BPMN is a free modelling tool to create process models for the Imixs-Workflow framework. Imixs-BPMN takes the full advantage of all the capabilities from the BPMN standard and complements them with the requirements to a workflow management system. Imixs-BPMN enhances the Eclipse BPMN2 Modelling Framework with the aspects of a human-centric workflow model executable on the Imixs-Workflow Engine.

The section Overview provides general information about the Imixs-BPMN modelling tool. For a installation read the Installation Guide.

Support & Community

Imixs-BPMN is a open source project. Further information about the project can be found on GitHub.

Information about the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeling Framework can be found here: