CDI Support

Imixs-Workflow supports CDI for all service components which makes it easy to tie different services together. For example an EJB or a Resource can be easily injected into a plugin class by the corresponding annotation. See the following example:

public class DemoPlugin extends AbstractPlugin {
	// inject services...
	ModelService modelService;


In some situations where CDI does not work, it can be necessary to fetch a Service EJB by a JNDI lookup.
The following Example shows a JNDI Lookup for an external Service EJB from the WorkflowService:

MyServiceBean myService;
try {
	String ejbName="ejb/MyServiceBean";
	InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
	myService = (MyServiceBean) ic.lookup(ejbName);
} catch (Exception e) {
	workflowService = null;

The JNDI Name is defined by the application server. To lookup a EJB or resoure by JNDI name, the name need to be configured in ejb-jar.xml. The following example shows the configuration for wildfly:

		<!-- MyServiceBean -->