Imixs Metrics

Imixs-Workflow provides runtime metrics based on the Microprofile Metric API. The Eclipse Microprofile Metrics specification provides an unified way to export Monitoring data (“Telemetry”) to management agents and also a unified Java API.

The Imixs-Metric Serivce is disabled per default. To enable the feature set the property ‘metrics.enabled’ to ’true.


How to access Imixs-Workflow Metrics

The Imxis-Workflow metrics can be collected by the following Rest Service resource:


This is an example how a Imixs-Workflow metric looks like:

# HELP documents_total The total number of accessed documents.
# TYPE documents_total counter
documents_loaded_total{method="load"} 98
documents_deleted_total{method="delete"} 3
documents_saved_total{method="save"} 6
# HELP workitems_processed_total The total number of workitems processeds.
# TYPE workitems_processed_total counter
workitems_processed_total{type="workitem",modelversion="protokoll-de-2.0.0",task="1100",event="10",workflowgroup="Protokoll",workflowstatus="Erstellung"}  1
workitems_processed_total{type="workitem",modelversion="protokoll-de-2.0.0",task="1500",event="100",workflowgroup="Protokoll",workflowstatus="Freigegeben"}  2

The Document and Workflow metrics are shown here. Each metric provides a set of tags defining the method and additional metadata like the WorklfowVersion or the current workflow event processed by the Imixs-Workflow Engine.