Version Plugin

The Imixs Version-Plugin handles the creation and the management from versions of a running process instance. A versioning process can be configured through the {{{/modeler/}Imixs Modeler}} from the activity property tab ‘Version’. The plugin can create a new version of a source workitem (master version), or converting an existing version of a workitem back into a master version. All versions of a workitem can be identified by the property $workitemIDRef which points to the $uniqueid of the master version.

The Imixs-BPMN Modeller provides two different modes in which the Version-Plugin can run.

Create a new Version from a source workitem

In this mode the Version-Plugin creates a new version of the current workitem. The two workitems are identically except the attributes $uniqueID and $workitemidRef. The attribute $workitemidRef points to the $uniqueid form the source workitem. So the availability of this property indicates that the workitem is a version of the source workitem. The source workitem has typically no $workitemidRef attribute - except if the source worktitem itself is a version from another worktiem. The Source Workitem is also named Master Version.

After the new version is created the Version-Plugin processes the version with the activity provided by the model (numVersionActivityID). This step is optional.

Convert an existing version back into a master version

In this mode the plugin converts an existing version of a workitem back into a master version. This means that the $workitemIDRef will be removed. The master version will be processed by the activity provided by the model. The $workitemidRef property of the old master version will be updated to the $uniqueid form the new master version.


The definition of creating versions or master versions is stored in the activity entity of the workflow model. There are the following properties defined through the activity entity:

  • keyVersion - defines the version mode (1=create new version, 2=convert back to master version)
  • numVersionActivityID - optional activity entity which will be processed by the corresponding version

The Version Plugin depends on the Imixs Workflow engine. So the Plugin can not be used in other implementations.