The PropertyService

Note:This service is deprecated and is replaced since version 5.0.0 by the Microprofile Config API!
See Imixs Config Source.

The Imixs Workflow Engine provides a property service to manage application specific properties in a common way. The properties can be stored into a file named ‘’. The singleton ejb ‘PropertyService’ provides a service to access the file. The property file can be packaged together with an application in any ejb module. This in an example how to acces the

PropertyService propertyService;
void init() {
	// load configuration
	configurationProperties =propertyService.getProperties();
	// skip if no configuration available
	if (configurationProperties != null) {
		String myProperty=configurationProperties.getProperty("myProperty");

The properties are cached for each application using this service. If the properties have changed during runtime an application can reset the cached properties.

// change some properties...
// reset property configuration
// read new properties
configurationProperties =propertyService.getProperties();