The Model Service

The main resource /model is used to read and update workflow models through the Rest Service Interface.

The /model resources GET

The /model GET resources are used to get model objects provided by the Model Manager:

URI Description
/model a list of model versions provided by the workflow instance
/model/{version}/tasks all tasks of a specific model version
/model/{version}/tasks/{taskid} a task identified by its taskID
/model/{version}/tasks/{taskid}/events all events assigned to a specific task identified by its eventID.
/model/{version}/groups a collection of all workflow groups
/model/{version}/groups/{group} all tasks of a specific workflow group
/model/{version}/bpmn BPMN source file

The /model resources DELETE

The /model DELETE resources URIs are used to delete model objects:

URI Description
/model/{version} deletes a specified model version

The /model resources PUT and POST

The /model PUT and POST resources URIs are used to write a model:

URI Description
/model/bpmn creates or update based on a BPMN 2.0 model definition
/model/ creates or update a model based on a Imixs EntityCollection