The Document Service

The main resource /documents is uses to read documents through the Imixs Rest Service Interface.

The /documents GET resources

The /documents resources are used to get direct access to the documentService EJB:

URI Description
/{uniqueid} returns a single document defined by $uniqueid
/search/{query} Returns a result set of documetns by a lucene search query
/count/query/{query} the count of documents returned by a lucene search query


The following resource URIs are used to PUT and POST a document:

URI Description
/ posts a document to be stored by the DocumentService. The post data can be x-www-form-urlencoded or in xml format
/{uniqueid} deletes a document

Resource Options

You can specify additional URI paramters to filter the resultset or to navigate through a sub list of entities. Append optional arguments to define the number of entities returned by a URL, the starting point inside the list or the sort order. Combine any of the following arguments for the desired result.

option description example
pagesize number of documents returned ..?pagesize=10
pageindex page index to start ..?pageindex=5&pagesize=10
sortBy sort item ..&sortBy=txtworkflowstatus
sortReverse sort direction

Note: Imixs-Workflow controls the access for each document by individual access lists. The result of a query contains only documents which are not read protected and the current user has sufficient read access.

Administrative resource URIs

The Document Rest Service provides resource URIs for administrative purpose. To access these resources, the caller must at least be in role “org.imixs.ACCESSLEVEL.MANAGERACCESS”. These administrative URIs should not be used in general business logic.

METHOD URI Description
PUT /backup/{query} creates a backup of the result set form a query. The entity list will be stored into the file system. The backup can be restored by calling the restore method
GET /restore restore a backup from the filesysem
GET /configuration Returns the configuration details of the lucen index writer.