Imixs-Workflow Security

Imixs-Workflow provides you with a powerful security model to protect your business data based on individual workflow models.

The Security Model

The Imixs-Workflow engine supports you with a multi-level security model for a fine-grained access control. You can define an access control list (ACL) for every single process status within your workflow model. The ACL will automatically be applied by the Imixs-Workflow engine to a running process instance. This protects your business data in a new way.

How to Protect Your Business Data?

With the Imixs-BPMN Tool you can easily define an ACL for any Task or Event element within your BPMN 2.0 model. This enables you to protect your business data in a fine-grained way. Your application logic no longer has to deal with these security issues. And of course you can change the security settings at runtime.

With this security-concept of Imixs-Worklfow, security is defined by a well documented process model and need no longer to be hard coded.

Read more about the Imixs-Workflow security model.


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