Package org.imixs.workflow.engine.plugins

package org.imixs.workflow.engine.plugins
  • Classes
    This abstract class implements different helper methods used by subclasses
    This plugin can be used to measure the time of any phase during a workflow.
    This Plugin updates application specific settings.
    This plug-in is used to manage multiple users involved in a approver procedure.
    This DocumentComposer Plugin creates html output stored in a item.
    The Imixs EventLog plugin can be used to create a EventLog entry during processing an event.
    This Plugin creates a history log in the property txtWorkflowHistory.
    The Imixs Interval Plugin implements an mechanism to adjust a date field of a workitem based on a interval description.
    This Pluginmodul cuts the length of the technical log entries generated by the WorkflowKernel: txtWorkflowPluginLog txtWorkflowActivityLog The Attribute numWorkflowLogLength indicates the maximum number of entries.
    This plug-in supports a Mail interface to send a email to a list of recipients.
    This plugin implements a ownership control by evaluating the configuration of an BPMN Event element.
    This plug-in executes a Imixs Report definition and stores the result either into the current workitem ($file) or into the file system.
    This Plug-In evaluates the result message provided by the Activity property 'txtActivityResult'.
    The Imixs Rule Plugin evaluates a business rule provided by the current ActiviyEntity.
    The Imixs Split&Join Plugin provides functionality to create and update sub-process instances from a workflow event in an origin process.
    The Imixs Taxonomy plugin can be used to collect taxonomy data at specific stages of a business process.
    This plugin handles the creation and management of versions from an existing workitem. inside the Imix JEE Workflow.