Class ApplicationPlugin

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public class ApplicationPlugin extends AbstractPlugin
This Plugin updates application specific settings.
  • txtWorkflowEditorID - optional EditorID to be used by an application
  • txtWorkflowImageURL - visual image can be displayed by an application
  • $WorkflowAbstract - Abstract text
  • $WorkflowSummary - Summary These settings can be configured by the imixs modeler on the Application Property Tab on a ProcessEntity. The Plugin determines the new settings by fetching the next ProcessEntity. The Next ProcessEntity is defined by the ActivityEntity attribute 'numNextProcessID' Version 1.1 The Plugin will test if the provided Model supports ExtendedModels. If so the Plugin will fetch the next ProcessEntity by the current used modelVersion of the workitem. Version 1.2 The plugin submits the new settings directly in the run() method, so other plugins can access the new properties for further operations Version 1.3: type, workflowgroup and workfowstatus are handled by the WorkflowKernel
Ralph Soika
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