Class JobHandlerRenameUser

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class JobHandlerRenameUser
    extends Object
    implements JobHandler
    The JobHandlerRenameUser updates the name fields of workitems. A name can be replaced or added. The following job attributes are expected:
    • namFrom - source userID
    • namTo - target userID
    • keyReplace - if true the source UserID will be replaced with the target UserID, otherwise the target userID will be added
    The jobHandler only processes workitems from the type
    • workitem
    • childworkitem
    • workitemlob
    The following workitem attributes will be updated:
    • $writeaccess
    • $readaccess
    • $creator
    • owner
    • namcreator (deprecated)
    The attributes $creator can not be replaced. Only an additional userID is placed here.
    See Also:
    AdminPService for details