Interface JobHandler

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      • run

        ItemCollection run​(ItemCollection job)
                    throws AdminPException
        Called by the AdminPService. The JobHandler returns the job description with pre defined fields to signal the status. The AdminPService will terminate the job in cases the job is complete. Otherwise the AdminPServcie will wait for the next timeout.


        • type - fixed to value 'adminp'
        • job - the job type/name, defined by handler
        • $WorkflowStatus - status controlled by AdminP Service
        • $WorkflowSummary - summary of job description
        • isCompleted - boolean indicates if job is completed - controlled by job handler
        The AdminPService will not call the JobHandler if the job description field 'isCompleted==true' A JobHandler may throw a AdminPException if something went wrong.
        job - description
        updated job description