The Imixs Admin Client

The Imixs Admin Client is a Web Front-End to administrate an instance of the Imixs-Workflow Engine. The Client can be connected via the Imixs Rest API with an instance of the Imixs-Workflow engine. The Imixs Admin Client can be deployed on any Java EE Server to administrate different instances of the Imixs-Workflow engine running on the same host.

Installation & Deployment

The sources of the Imixs Admin Client can be download form GitHub. The Maven based client supports different web server profiles for GlassFish and JBoss/Wildfly. After the deployment of the Imixs Admin Client the Web module is accessible using the following url:


The Imixs Admin Client requires the user to authenticate with a valid security realm. The authenticated user (Administrator) needs at least the the Role “IMIXS-WORKFLOW-Manager”. The default security realm used by the Imixs Admin Client is “imixsrealm” which need to be configured on the Application Server.

To connect to a worklfow engine the corresponding Imixs Rest Service URL need to be entered.

After entered a valid Rest URI the client can be connected to the Imixs-Workflow engine to query data using JPQL statements.

See theJPQL section for futher details about using the Query Languate in Imixs-Workflow.

Update Enities

The Imixs Admin Client provides a interface to update or delete entities (Workitems) managed by the Imxis-Workflow engine. It is possible to run bulk updates on a result set to update a specifiy item or to process workflow instances with a specific workflow event.

Administrate the Imixs Index Properties

The Imixs Admin Client provides also a interface to administrate the Imixs Index tables.

New indexes can be added and existing indexes can be removed from the Back-End. .

Backup & Restore

With the Backup feature it is also possible to export entities into a file system and later re-import them into any exiting workflow instance.

To backup a collection of workitems a JPQL statement can be specified.