Package org.imixs.workflow

package org.imixs.workflow
  • Class
    An Adapter defines an adapter pattern used by the WorkflowKernel to call adapter implementations defined by the BPMN model.
    The BPMN Rule Engine can be used to evaluate a business Rule based on a BPMN model with conditional events.
    Helper class to abstract the file content stored in a ItemCollection.
    A GenericAdapter extends the Adapter Interface.
    This Class defines a ValueObject to be used to exchange data structures used by the org.imixs.workflow Framework.
    The ItemCollectionComparator provides a Comparator for ItemColections.
    The IModel interface defines getter methods to navigate through a Imixs Workflow Model.
    The interface ModelManager manages instances of a Model.
    A Plugin defines the interface between the WorkflowKernel and the WorkflowManager.
    A plug-in may optionally implement the interface 'PluginDependency' to indicate dependencies on other plug-ins.
    The Interface QuerySelector can be implemented as a CDI Bean to provide a custom selection of workitems.
    The Imixs RuleEngine is a CDI bean called by the WorkflowKernel to evaluate business rules part of an BPMN model.
    This is a helper class to convert a deprecated script into the new format.
    A SignalAdapter extends the Adapter Interface.
    This Interface defines the Context which is used to supply a basic enviroment for the exchange between a WorkflowManager an the registered Plugin Moduls.
    The Workflowkernel is the core component of this Framework to control the processing of a workitem.
    The WorkflowManager is the general interface for a concrete implementation of a workflow management system.