Class EventLogRestService

  • @Path("/eventlog")
    public class EventLogRestService
    extends Object
    The EventLogRestService supports methods to access the event log entries by different kind of request URIs
    • Constructor Detail

      • EventLogRestService

        public EventLogRestService()
    • Method Detail

      • getAllEventLogEntries

        public XMLDataCollection getAllEventLogEntries​(@DefaultValue("100") @QueryParam("pageSize")
                                                       int pageSize,
                                                       @DefaultValue("0") @QueryParam("pageIndex")
                                                       int pageIndex)
        Returns all eventLog entries.
        pageSize - - page size
        pageIndex - - page index (default = 0)
        items - - optional list of items
        maxCount - - max count of returned eventLogEntries (default 99)
        result set.
      • getEventLogEntriesByTopic

        public XMLDataCollection getEventLogEntriesByTopic​(@PathParam("topic")
                                                           String topic,
                                                           @DefaultValue("99") @QueryParam("maxCount")
                                                           int maxCount)
        Returns a set of eventLog entries for a given topic. Multiple topics can be separated by a swung dash (~).
        topic - - topic to search event log entries.
        maxCount - - max count of returned eventLogEntries (default 99)
        - xmlDataCollection containing all matching eventLog entries
      • lockEventLogEntry

        public lockEventLogEntry​(@PathParam("id")
                                                             String id)
        This method locks an eventLog entry for processing. The topic will be suffixed with '.lock' to indicate that this topic is locked by a process. If a lock is successful a client can exclusive process this eventLog entry.
        id - - id of the event log entry
        the method returns a Response OK in case of a successful lock.
      • unlockEventLogEntry

        public unlockEventLogEntry​(@PathParam("id")
                                                               String id)
        This method unlocks an eventLog entry. The topic suffix '.lock' will be removed.
        id - - id of the event log entry
      • releaseDeadLocks

        public void releaseDeadLocks​(@PathParam("interval")
                                     long deadLockInterval,
                                     String topic)
        This method unlocks eventlog entries which are older than 1 minute. We assume that these events are deadlocks.
        interval - - interval in millis
        topic - - topic to search event log entries.
      • deleteEventLogEntry

        public void deleteEventLogEntry​(@PathParam("id")
                                        String id)
        Deletes a eventLog entry by its $uniqueID
        name - of report or uniqueid
      • createEventLogEntry

        public void createEventLogEntry​(@PathParam("topic")
                                        String topic,
                                        String refID,
                                        XMLDocument xmlworkitem)
        Creates/updates a new event log entry.
        topic - - the topic of the event.
        id - - uniqueId of the document to be assigned to the event
        document - - optional document data to be stored in the event log entry