Class AdminPRestService

  • @Path("/adminp")
    public class AdminPRestService
    extends Object
    The AdminPRestService provides methods to access the AdminPService EJB
    • Constructor Detail

      • AdminPRestService

        public AdminPRestService()
    • Method Detail

      • getHelpHTML

        public getHelpHTML()
      • getAllJobs

        public XMLDataCollection getAllJobs()
        Returns all existing jobs
        query -
        pageSize -
        pageIndex -
        items -
      • putJob

        public putJob​(XMLDocument xmlworkitem)
        This method saves a entity provided in xml format Note: the method merges the content of the given entity into an existing one because the EntityService method save() did not merge an entity. But the rest service typically consumes only a subset of attributes. So this is the reason why we merge the entity here. In different to the behavior of the EntityService the WorkflowService method process() did this merge automatically.
        xmlworkitem - - entity to be saved
      • deleteJob

        public deleteJob​(@PathParam("uniqueid")
                                                     String uniqueid)
        This method deletes an entity