Class ProcessingEvent


public class ProcessingEvent extends Object
The ProcessingEvent provides a CDI event fired by the WorkflowService EJB. This even can be used in a observer pattern of a service EJB to react on the life-cycle of a process instance.

The ProcessingEvent defines the following event types:

  • BEFORE_PROCESS - is send immediately before a workitem will be processed
  • AFTER_PROCESS - is send immediately after a workitem was processed

To react on changes on a workitem in the front-end see the CDI event 'org.imixs.workflow.faces.workitem.WorkflowEvent'

Ralph Soika
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  • Constructor Details

    • ProcessingEvent

      public ProcessingEvent(ItemCollection document, int eventType)
  • Method Details

    • getEventType

      public int getEventType()
    • getDocument

      public ItemCollection getDocument()