Class BPMNModelHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ContentHandler, DTDHandler, EntityResolver, ErrorHandler

    public class BPMNModelHandler
    extends DefaultHandler
    The Imixs BPMNDefaultHandler is used to extract the Imixs Task and Event Elements of a Imixs BPMN model. A BPMN file can either be a simple diagram with one process or a collaboration diagram with a bpmn2:collaboration definition. For collaboration diagrams the currentWorkflowGroup is read from the bpmn2:collaboration element. For a simple BPMN diagram type the currentWorkflowGroup is read from the bpmn2:process element. #issue 113: The parser connects pairs of catch and throw link events with a virtual SequenceFlow to support the same behavior as if the link events were connected directly.
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      • BPMNModelHandler

        public BPMNModelHandler()