The Imixs REST Service

REST is an architectural style that can be used to guide the construction of web services in a more easy kind as a service which uses the SOAP specification. The Imixs XML & Web Services provide a REST Service Implementation which allows you to use the Imixs Workflow in a RESTful way.

Resources and URIs

An URI is a unique resource identifier. In REST an URI represents a resource and is used to get or modify a resource. In the meaning of the Imixs Workflow Technologies the URIs represent WorkItems, Attachments, Reports or any other kind of Object provided by the Imixs Workflow. There are three main resources available where each represents one different aspect of the Imixs Workflow components:

URIResource Description
/workflowThe Workflow resource provides resources and methods to get, create or modify workitems
/modelThe Model resource provides resources and methods to get, create or modify a workflow model entities
/reportThe Report resource provides resources and methods to get the result of a report definition
/entityThe Entity resource provides resources and methods to query entities and the indexList from the EntityService EJB
The root context of the REST Service is defined by the web application (web.xml) where the REST Service is deployed. If you are using the Imixs-workflow-rest war file the rest service is mapped per default to root context '/workflow-rest/'. You can change the root context by configuration in the application.xml file.

Each of three main resources provides a set of sub resources which represent different business objects managed by the Imixs Workflow components. Each business object can be provided in different formats depending on one of the following request header

  • text/html
  • application/xml
  • application/json

So if you typing in the URI into a Web Browser you will typical receife an HTML representation of the business Objects.

The following sections gives an overview of all URIs defined by the Imixs REST Service.