How to Search Documents

As the Imixs-Workflow engine is bundled with the Lucene Search Technology documents can be query by a lucene search term. A search string can be specified either as a simple string or as an combination of multiple parentheses expressions.

the imixs workflow egine

expressions may contain parentheses expressions

(imixs-workflow) (engine)

expressions can also include wildcards


This serach term will serach for all documents containing a phrase starting with ‘imxis’

Query Items

The Imixs-Workflow engine takes also a list of workflow data items into the index. These items can be used to search for documents of a specific type or category:

(type:"workitem") ($processid:1200)

To specify more complex queries a search term can boolean expressions like ‘AND’ or ‘OR’

(type:"workitem" OR $processid:1200)

This serach term will search for all documents from the type ‘workitem’ or the $processid 1200.

See the Lucene Query Syntax for further information.